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Abloy EFF EFF 351U80 Solenoid Lock #1Abloy EFF EFF 351U80 Solenoid Lock #2Abloy EFF EFF 351U80 Solenoid Lock #3
Product ID 351U80
Manufacturer Abloy

Abloy EFF EFF 351U80 Solenoid Lock

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The Abloy 351U80 electric lock for use with single or double action doors, including escape doors.


Abloy 351U80 enables remote locking and unlocking. Fail unlocked; the locking bolt is held in the locked position by means of spring power. When closing the door, the bolt latches into the striking plate. When power is applied to the strike, with the door in the closed position, the bolt will deadlock.


The distance between the strike and the striking plate can be adjusted by the use of spacers placed under the strike plate. The 351 U80 is equipped with an armature and a trigger contact which are both potential-free switch over contacts. The armature contact can be used for monitoring the locking status.


Includes a choice of Strike Plate (Up to 44mm or 45-54mm).


Important Note:
Please be aware if the electric lock/s have been spoiled during install e.g. cut wires then the warranty is void as the lock cannot be resold and placed back into stock.

Standard fore–end: 25mm

Available backset: 39mm

Operating voltage: 12/24V DC

Fore-end finish: Stainless Steel

List Price: £801.29

You save £183.30
Price: £617.99 (£741.59 Inc. VAT)
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