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Welcome to Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd. We provide bespoke industrial safety solutions, with the intention of protecting employees from harm and helping employers comply with safety legislation. We are a worldwide provider of modern, high quality Lockout Tagout products.

We stem from a local family business, established in 1883, and specialise in general security and safety. Our proximity to the industrial powerhouse that is Teesside, located in the North East of England has helped us to realise the niche requirements and demands of today's modern industry.

Phrases such as "Accidents will happen" give no comfort to the families and friends of those who have been injured or even killed during the course of their employment; and we adhere to the belief that accidents can be prevented. Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd was concieved to supply products and services to prevent such accidents.

Statistics produced by the UK Health and Safety Executive show that in the year 2013/14 133 workers were killed at their place of work, while 78,000 major injuries were reported, with 629,000 other injuries recorded (source), equating to over 28 million working days lost in the UK. While these figures show that there has been a significant reduction in injuries over recent years, we believe there is still room for improvement.

Our operational mission is simple – namely to provide a comprehensive range of safety and security products which give peace of mind to you, your staff and your visitors, and which prevent you from becoming just another statistic.

All businesses are required by law to look after their employees. Failure to do so can result in legal action and severe penalties for the employer. The products that we provide are fully compliant with all regulations and safety laws, ensuring that your business is legally covered and compliant, as well as keeping your employees safe from physical harm. For example, according to OSHA: Standard 1910.147 - Lockout Tagout, it is imperative that there is no unsanctioned duplication of keys. As the number of locks increase so does the complexity of tracking keys. Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd are experts at managing key suites, and subsequent changed to those suites, ensuring fit-for-purpose safety padlocks.

What is Lockout Tagout?

While repairing or maintaining industrial equipment and machinery, from huge rollers or engines to simple hand-held drills and saws, the main cause of an accident is usally the result of the uncontrolled release of energy. A primary example would be: Someone attempting to restart a machine, without realising that someone has entered the area to perform maintenance. A high profile example of a lockout tagout failure is the Piper Alpha incident that occurred in 1988. In order to prevent this kind of accident, several policies were enacted: All energy sources that are turned off, must be isolated or 'locked out'. This can apply to electrical sources, gas or hydraulics. The 'tagout' part of the name refers to the identification tags that must be applied to each lockout. This not only proves that the lockout has been offically authorised, but also provides a contact reference for non-maintenance personnel who may have enquiries. The biggest part of any lockout tagout procedure is the rule that only the person who enacted the isolation can remove it. This generally results in a company giving each employee a single or set of unique padlocks for their own use, and that employee carries the only key. This prevents anyone from simply coming up and removing a padlock to restart a machine.

In addition to providing high-quality lockout products, we also aim to provide you with the best advice and provide a bespoke safety solution that is suited to your individual needs. We provide to both large and small businesses and we provide Lockout Tagout training and awareness courses. Click here to enquire.

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