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Abloy Lock Oil 200ml
Product ID: 8851200
Abloy Lock Oil 200ml

8851200 Abloy Lock Oil 200ml

Regular Maintenance:- To make sure your lock/Padlock operates smoothly, put a drop of oil on the bolt and in the key hole once a year. We recommend lubricating the lock every month, if the lock is used in extreme environments or heavy traffic such as the front door of an apartment building.
Annual Maintenance Procedure:-  Spray some oil into the key hole and push the key in. Then take the key out and clean it with a clean cloth (make sure the cloth does not leave any fluffs on the key that could later get into the lock). Continue cleaning the lock like this until the key is clean when taken out from the lock.
We also recommend spraying some oil into the lock during the winter time. This protects the lock against freezing, preventing moisture from remaining on the parts of the lock.
Never use gear oil or motor oil for lubricating your lock. These are excellent lubricants but unfortunately they collect a lot of dust & detritus  and as a consequence, the lubricated parts of the lock will stick together and won´t move at all.
Clean the lock bolt and the sliding surface of the striker plate regularly from the dirt that builds up there.
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